Why Do We Change Jobs? | Part 1

Why Do We Change Jobs?

More than a week ago, I wrote a short piece on LinkedIn about me changing my job, it was meant to be a small casual discussion, but it ended up attracting a lot of attention on that platform, so I decided to keep writing with that train of thought.

You can check that article out here if you are on LinkedIn, and don’t forget to drop me a kind connection.

This short blog post, is me trying to continue that thought while stealing from the original (well, I wrote it, winks).

This post is a little chunk of an original idea, which I am still writing (I hope I finish writing it). 

It’s a sincere reaction to my numerous interactions with some of my colleagues; nursing colleagues, who do not, to be honest, like their jobs. 

Yeah, I said it.

Many nurses out here, don’t like their jobs. More than 99% of us nurses in Nigeria (that is everybody) are looking for ways of leaving (I am among them).

There was a time that we were trying to manage the situation, but the current circumstance has deleted the word ‘manage’ from our dictionaries. 

We are weary, crying before a government that does not care. Nigeria is ranked among the worst governed countries on earth. It’s sad to mention, but it’s true. 

The Nigerian government is very insensitive, selfish to the core. Only concerned with enriching the greedy coffers of already super-wealthy politicians. 

On Changing Jobs, And Growing…

Why Do We Change Jobs?

For some of us, it’s mainly because of adventure (learning, connection, community, growth & development), nothing else (and maybe the money, winks).

Some very important virtues make systems work, ranging from welfare & respectwork environmentinclusion, and a host of other vital elements that are the nutrients of blossoming systems.

Some systems can get so big & prosperous that they unintentionally abandon the things that once made them stand out of the crowd, and in so doing, they can lose flavor.

When you get big, don’t forget the virtues that made you.

This I think is part of the secrets of hugely successful global systems that work. They adhere to the principles that made them, while they keep being deliberate about growth & improvement. 

And this deliberateness is what makes people enjoy their systems – remain in it, working & contributing to its development & long-term success. 

A lot of organizations that utilize the services of healthcare professionals, lack many of these qualities, especially here in Nigeria. 

They are more concerned with the money they are making from providing healthcare services. I have worked with top healthcare providers here in Nigeria, and I must say that only a handful of them care about what happens to the employee. 

This gross neglect is part of what makes it difficult for Nurses (and Physicians, especially those who are young in the medical field) to not feel comfortable in such communities. And if they don’t feel comfortable, how can they be productive enough to give their best? 

It isn’t all about the money you pay them, it’s something more valuable. 

To be continued in the second part…


What is the Nurses’ week to you? Another celebration? Another moment to upload pictures or videos of Nurses dancing, wearing scrubs, and choreographing all the way? Oh, don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of all the celebrations and colors, but deep down, I wish we see more to it.

You have to be adamant, determined & ready to fight for your ideas like you were fighting for your own life. Yes, it’s that tough. If you do not fight for your ideas, I can boldly tell you that nobody will fight for you, yes, not even your Mother or Wife, they have their own battles to fight. So, it’s all up to you, to fight for what you believe.

We decided to design a free Data Science Webinar for Healthcare Professionals in Nigeria & Africa (not limited to us here in Africa though), the free webinar will aim to sensitize healthcare professionals, exposing them to the realities of DATA & its wide variety of importance & use in the field of healthcare, especially in Nigeria & Africa (you all know that I have a bias & unquenchable love for my country, it’s just natural, and as a leader & writer, I always make sure that this pride is showcased in all that I do).  

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Our Partnership With ZACRAC

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