NGX: President Buhari reaffirms support for private sector

NGX: President Buhari reaffirms support for private sector

The Federal Government has reassured Nigerians that it would continue to support the private sector in the era of the Nigerian Exchange Group.

This was disclosed by President Muhammadu Buhari during his speech at the ‘Stock Africa is made of’ launch organised by the management of the Nigerian Exchange Group on Tuesday.

He said, “This event was organised to amplify the positive narrative of Africa and its great potentials. It will project its new positioning and commitment to the African financial market, connecting Nigeria and Africa to the world. I congratulate the board of NGX for the completion of the demutualisation.

The exchange has continued to play its part by stimulating economic growth. We will continue to listen, engage and collaborate with the private sector to improve lives and transform our nation. The demutualisation has brought about the democratisation of an important institution such as the Exchange.”

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