Meristem calls for ‘Generational Shift’ to boost investment, as it launches new campaign

Meristem calls for 'Generational Shift' to boost investment, as it launches new campaign

Meristem, a financial services provider, has called for a generational shift to encourage investors to partner with trusted partners.

This was disclosed by Oluwole Abegunde, Group Managing Director, Meristem Securities Limited, when the company launched its new campaign tagged “Generations.”

As part of its efforts to encourage investors to partner with experienced and trusted partners who understand the investment terrain and can help you grow and manage your wealth for posterity, Meristem through its new TVC sells the message of growth, wealth transfer, and wealth preservation.

As with its last 2 TVC campaigns, this new TVC showcases art doyen, Mama Nike Okundaye Davies but with a bonus this time- Mama’s very own daughter, Allyson- Aina Davies. Still anchored on the brand’s dynamic campaign promise of “Let’s take you farther,” the brand hopes to adequately pass the message of “your wealth should not end with just you alone, let it transcend generations after you.”

The choice of Nike Okundaye-Davies and Allyson-Aina Davies seeks to solidify the importance of not just growing your wealth, but that of wealth transfer and wealth preservation- the importance of making the right investment choices today that will outlive you, such that generations after you will enjoy and benefit from them.

Worthy of mention is the fact that Aina, who is the Managing Director of Nike Arts Gallery, is following boldly in Mama’s footsteps with her love for Arts and Adire, which led her to write a book on that same subject matter called Storytelling through Adire.

As the global environment continues to struggle from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become imperative for investors to allocate their resources smartly and safeguard their investments for now, and for generations with organizations that possess the knowledge and investment domain expertise to build lasting wealth.

Abegunde said, “We have also operated a client-oriented business which has helped us to create tailor-made financial solutions for our clients, some of which include Trusteeship services, Retirement Planning, Mutual Funds, Foreign denominated products like Meristem Dollar Investment Portfolio, Real Estate Advantage Portfolio, Probate Management Service, etc.

“We will continue to be proactive with product innovation so that our clients can be assured that we are not just growing their wealth for now, we are growing it for generations.”

Adefemi Taiwo, Head Brand Management, Meristem, highlighted that “It’s the dream of every parent to leave a good legacy for their children so it’s not just enough to invest, we need to invest smartly- with a partner who cares about the longevity of your investment and wealth.

“With this campaign, we hope to reaffirm our commitment to our existing clients and encourage prospective clients to come on board. We won’t only grow your wealth, we will make sure it stands the test of time and grow it for generations.”

The new campaign will, no doubt, further strengthen Meristem’s dominance in the industry in which it operates.

Meristem Securities Limited is a capital market conglomerate and diversified financial services provider that offers stockbroking, wealth management, asset management, trustee services and financial advisory.

Over the past 16 years, Meristem has been consistent in value creation and innovation within the capital market space. The company was awarded as the best digital broker of the year by the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 2018.

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