Meet Andy Jassy, the man set to become Amazon’s CEO by July 5 |

Meet Andy Jassy, the man set to become Amazon’s CEO by July 5 |

It is not a secret that Jeff Bezos will be stepping down from his position as Amazon’s CEO, but yesterday, the official date was announced. Jeff Bezos is to step down on 5th July. He will be replaced by one of his key founding members who has been steadfast with Amazon since it launched in 2006.

In this article, we look at Andy Jassy, the man who is set to take over from Jeff Bezos.

Andy Jassy

Andy Jassy is a pioneer Amazon staff who was present when the platform was launched in 2006. His major achievement for the company is turning the E-commerce giant into a dominant force in the Cloud Computing technology world.

Jassy’s net worth

Andy Jassy is currently worth $440 million and he owns a huge number of Amazon stocks. He is not a billionaire yet but his new position as Amazon’s CEO might make him one.

Jassy’s experience

Andy Jassy holds an undergraduate and graduate degree from Harvard and has spent 24 years at Amazon. He has filled various positions in Amazon and even worked as Jeff Bezos’ Technical Assistant before eventually helping to launch the platform.

Andy Jassy is set to become Amazon’s CEO by July 5th.

What you should know

Jeff Bezos is set to take up the role of Executive Chair after handing over to Andy Jassy.

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