Business must be strategic in strengthening Nigerian digital economy – CWG

Business must be strategic in strengthening Nigerian digital economy - CWG

Nigeria is experiencing the rise of the innovation economy and technological advances, as several companies have started implementing solutions that will keep their brands in the global village. To keep their heads above the waters, a Pan-African Information and Communications Technology company, CWG Plc, has tasked businesses and their managers to be strategic in strengthening the nation’s digital economy.

This call was made by CWG’s Head of Brand and Marketing, Seun Koshoedo, at a technology forum organised by the Nigerian Information Technology Reporter Association (NITRA).

Koshoedo, who disclosed her firm’s intention to strengthen the Nigerian digital economy pursuit in order to drive growth and progress, explained that the world is increasingly being pressured by needs and the forces of disruption. Thus, CWG has become an enabler to help business and organizations that can align with tech and business objectives to thrive.

She said, “We have created an eco-system of partners and value-based collaborations leveraging the unique opportunities in the value chain to help Nigeria achieve its digital economy pursuit.”

To achieve this, she explained that it is important for brands to identify some key initiatives to focus on as they strive to support the financial inclusion objectives in Nigeria and contribute to the digital economy objectives.

She noted that at CWG, attention is being given to Product advancement, Service Optimization, Customer Life Cycle Management and GTM, stressing that all these are realized leveraging technology and innovation.

According to Koshoedo, innovation is accelerating and the demand for business redesign in every industry has become paramount and crucial to run a thriving business in today’s world. Thus, CWG’s current and future development are aimed at proffering solutions to every known challenge to accelerate the digital pursuit.

Reports and survey show that much can be derived by using technology. So, to support the socio-economic development of African countries, CWG has built platforms to support the continent’s economic growth by enabling individuals and businesses to go faster in achieving mid-and long-term objectives.

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