A Case Study With Topia

A Case Study With Topia

While we saw a lot of trends and digital innovation on the rise in the last year, including the total transformation of how companies work. Many companies have chosen to stay fully remote, which means more days filled with virtual meetings and working remotely from home offices. How can we improve on virtual meeting experiences, now that they’re here to stay? With Skype, Zoom, and Google Hangouts, you are often meeting without truly connecting. This lack of connection seriously affects company culture.

Bring Humanity Back To Virtual Meetings

Endless hours attending video meetings and not feeling connected to your coworkers can lead to increased rates of burnout and exhaustion. Luckily, some companies are tackling this challenge.

Topia, for example, is a platform that allows for community connection in a virtual setting. It’s a browser-based app that combines exploration of a fully customizable virtual world with video conversations at the center. Topia offers a natural, fun online gathering experience with spatial-based video chat, something other social media platforms don’t use. They allow you to meet anywhere at any time, with anyone, helping you to socialize with more people online than ever before. It also allows you to get together with others for virtual events, including holidays and festivals.

Founder Daniel Liebeskind started this company in April of 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic. Daniel has an intimate history of utilizing technology in order to foster better relationships with loved ones, even from far away. Prior to founding Topia, he created over 30 different apps for multiple companies spanning a broad range of categories. All of these apps focused on connections and socialization. 

Use Innovative Technology to Create Community  

Tools like Topia are on the cutting edge of technology, powerfully partnering emerging platforms to solve real-world problems. Daniel and his team created a virtual world, allowing attendees to wander through differing spaces. Many users reported that it was the most “human” interaction they’d had since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Now, Topia has over 10,000 users each day, and the numbers keep on growing. We need more camaraderie and creativity in a world where many of us will be working remotely for the indefinite future. Companies capitalizing on virtual reality and other emerging technologies in order to solve modern-day, human issues will outpace the rest. 

We’ve long thought of businesses adapting to technology as separate from human resources or company culture. Not anymore. Virtual corporate meetings can now be more personal than ever before. Business leaders should take note if they desire to change with the times and continue to craft a culture that employees want to be part of. With online gatherings still being the more common means to link up, having a virtual experience available to you changes the world. Using spatial technology, people can feel like they’re actually there with their friends, bolstering human connection and socialization.

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